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The Cocktail Garnish | Our Story

Want to be a craft cocktail Pro? Whether you are a bar owner or love to create your own Instagrammable cocktails, we can help. As a niche bar supply company, we help our customers beautifully present all kinds of drinks served at home as well as in restaurants and bars.

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We’re a Small California Bar Supply Company with Big Ideas

Big corporations dominate the home and bar drinks industry. This results in drinks ingredients and cocktail garnishes often being less than wholesome. Thankfully, we’re different. 
We’re passionate about creating cocktail garnishes from fruit grown and harvested primarily in California and neighboring states that are seasonal and as organically as possible.

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We are passionate about craft cocktails. There is just one problem…

The average bar in the U.S. loses 20% of potential turnover each year to waste. Many bars stock fresh fruit year-round, even when fruit is out of season. This puts a strain on bar budgets and the environment because any unused fruit at the end of the night is discarded.

At The Cocktail Garnish, we give bar owners more options. Dehydrated fruit cocktail garnishes from citrus fruit and other seasonal fruit varieties reduce unnecessary waste and equip cocktails with more charisma. This benefits the bar and modern craft cocktail enthusiast patrons who are as passionate about sustainability as they are their favorite cocktails. 

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The Bar Supply Company for Bars and Home Mixologists

As a small, family-owned bar supply company, we’re just as passionate about supporting amateur mixologists as we are the Food & Beverage industry. All our garnishes can be bought in small packs for small gatherings, in bulk for events like weddings or in pallets for festivals and retail partners.

Whether you want to impress friends or colleagues at a party or patrons at the best bar on the block, we can help! 

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• We create seasonal fruit and citrus fruit garnishes that are prepared and preserved naturally through dehydration.
• We source fruit for all our garnishes from California growers (and other neighboring states if for some reason California does not produce enough fruit for the year).
• All our equipment is BPA-free and our garnishes contain zero additives and chemicals.
• Carefully handcrafting and packing our garnishes results in superior quality cocktail garnish appearance and shelf life.
• Dehydrated cocktail garnishes have an ambient storage shelf life of up to approximately 12 months.
• We supply garnishes in resealable bags. This reduces bar waste and drink preparation times.
• Our fruit cocktail garnishes are seasonal. The good news is having a long shelf life means you can easily bulk buy and store garnishes year-round.

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