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Shroom Shroom Cocktail: A Refreshing Drink for Any Occasion

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The Cocktail Garnish from Los Angeles, California produces the best quality dehydrated cocktail garnishes on the market. This delicious and delightful cocktail is made of fresh cantaloup, chartreuse, fresh dill simple syrup, aquavit and fresh lemon. It is beautifully garnished with a lemon wheel.

Origins of the Shroom Shroom Cocktail

I love this drink because it reminds me of the good times I spent with my family in Sweden. The vibrant creative and cultural scene, clean cobblestone streets, people with legs that go on forever and households that are equipped with the coolest gadgets and EVERYTHING works. Summers are enchanting with all the amazing wild golden chanterelles you can eat. Oooh did I eat. The bright and yolky color of this mushroom is the inspiration behind the color of my logo.

The Shroom Shroom is the Perfect Cocktail for Your Next Get-Together

Are you tired of serving the same drinks at every party? Are you looking for a creative drink to impress your guests? If so, look no further. If you're looking for a unique cocktail recipe that is both refreshing and eye-catching, the Shroom Shroom is a great choice. This gin-based cocktail is perfect for spring or summer because it's light and served chilled. This drink is versatile in that it can be served to brunch guests, at a dinner party, or even a summer BBQ. The micro foam at the top adds a creaminess to this cocktail that combines well with the citrus and melon flavors. Your guests will be full of compliments because this drink is a crowd pleaser. 

Check out the recipe below:

1.5 oz. gin
2 oz. fresh cantaloupe
1 oz. yellow chartreuse
1 oz. fresh lemon
1/2 oz. aquavit
1/2 oz. simple syrup
lemon garnish
fresh dill

Shake vigorously for at least 20 seconds to achieve micro foam. Serve chilled in a coupe glass for best results.

No drink is complete without a garnish or two! Top this drink off with a lemon garnish and fresh dill to give this unique cocktail extra appeal. Shop for premium lemon garnishes.

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